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Originally Posted by gavna View Post
Very very common........the frame had aluminum laminates with a sandwich of foam in between - after a while they would separate - we always sent them back to AMF Head and they would replace - didn't change much on the follow up versions of the stick.

Even the Rossingnol R40 in the late 70s early 80s had same issue.

Most non commercial adhesives are too stiff and can't take the flexing and torsional twisting. Maybe just maybe today some of the adhevsives that stay flexible could work.
True and the filler is boron. This separation often happens because of temperature like going from cold to hot so the different materials expand/contract and the racket warps like a wood racket but in the head comp case, the aluminum plates separate from the filler. You would need the correct adhesive and probably need to fix in a warm place so the materials could straighten out and bond together.

This may help:

One answer:
Using an industrial adhesive such as Westech Aerosol HSEA is as effective as welding or soldering but is very much easier. First, sand the surfaces of the aluminum and smoothen out the rough areas. Clean them with an alcohol and remove the dust. Then, spray the HSEA throughout the surface. Use a roller to apply uniform pressure. Wait until the glue dries for a few more minutes. Once it is completely dry, smoothen the surface. The best thing about Westech HSEA is that unlike other adhesive products, this is friendly to the environment. It does not contain chlorinated solvents and hazardous air pollutants which also make it safe to our health. I've been using this product in my car repair shop to fix fractures in tractor trailers as well as car bodies. Just make sure to read the instructions before starting the procedure.

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