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The black 'stuff' you see between aluminum layers on the Comp is FRP--fiberglass reinforced plastic. All of the 'sandwich' rackets had a similar construction...Head, Rossignol, Yamaha...all mimic-ing the snow ski construction of the period.

The bonding necessary is between the aluminum and the FRP, regardless of the other 'ingredients' in the mix; so the early AA Comp with no graphite or boron needs the same adhesives as the Comp 2 w/boron .

As joe and gavna mentioned, today's adhesives may prove to be more effective. The challenge would be consistent application, proper pressure with the sandwich in the correct orientation and necessary cure time while under that pressure. In other words:
Not bloody likely.

Now, a spot repair might be possible; but like 'fixing' a truly damaged racket of nearly any construction, it's not going to play like the original recipe.
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