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Default Replacement for a wilson K-factor six one 90.

Hi, I've been playing with my Wilson K-factor six-one 90 over 2~3 years. This is my second racket after I finished the intermediate class. The reason I bought this racket was a cheap price (even thought the condition was almost brand new) in the used market and I did not know about the racket (weight, balance, or more) at all.

Ever since I got this racket, I've got many lessons and played many games. I love this racket especially for ground strokes. On the last summer I got a severe tennis elbow ( I couldn't even open a door with my right arm). While I was recovering the injury, it got me a thought to replace the racket and fix my swing form too.

My coach also recommended me to have a bigger head size and lighter one. Because of the weight (or something else) of the wilson I couldn't make a good 1st serve after 3~4 sets on a game.

Thus, I tried a Babolat pure drive plus but the racket was good for a serve but not for volleys and ground strokes. I couldn't make my original swing. Even if I swung it way I did with wilson, the power did not transfer to a ball.

I want to keep the racket balance (HL 9pts) and not too big head size.
I am considering the WILSON BLX PRO STAFF SIX.ONE 95 now.

Could you guys help me out?

I am on the court.
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