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Originally Posted by DaveInBradenton View Post
Today I decided to test the 7G against my trusty Head MicroGel Radical 107 with Bab 17 gauge natural gut tonic strung @ 52.

Power levels and control, as tested, seemed to be fairly close. This makes me wonder if the 7G, if strung with full natural gut strung at 52 like my MicroGel, would turn out to be an even better performer.

Although my MG Radical is a comfort racket, the Kinetic 7G gets the nod in comfort. That's a big deal for me. I'm a senior player with shoulder issues. I need to have the best possible shoulder-friendly racket, string, and tension combination that keeps me on the courts.

The 7G may not be the panacea for my shoulder issues, but I feel I have to give it a try.

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Remember when tennis rackets were wood and balls were white?

Even though I recommended the 7G in my multis thread to you, I did not realize you were having shoulder issues. The extended length is going to put more stress on your shoulder. Maybe the 5G is a better option for you health wise.
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