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Originally Posted by fgs View Post

you mention that you string multi in the mains for comfort and durability. what set-up you use currently and what durability do you get out of it would be an interesting information.

i'm playing hybrids myself for almost four years now, but i put the poly in the mains, since i have a heavily topspin oriented game. i tried it out with multi in the mains too, but the durability was from 15 minutes including warm-up to slightly less than a two hours hitting session which included an hour of intensive practice and then the remainder matchplay, so this definitely is not an option for me.
You're right.
It was my first multi/poly (Genesis Thunder Blast & Prince Beast XP) setup and last long only less than 8 hrs of play. Beast eats up Blast.
I learned the best hybrid setup is gut/poly.
Next one is poly/multi.

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