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Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
Even though I recommended the 7G in my multis thread to you, I did not realize you were having shoulder issues. The extended length is going to put more stress on your shoulder. Maybe the 5G is a better option for you health wise.
Hi Mike, it's thoughtful of you to mention that. I realize the extra half inch may require a bit more muscle to swing, but conversely the extra power the racket generates may
prompt me to slow up my swing speed a bit. I love to take a big whack at the ball. I'm a compulsive over-hitter, but it's so much fun!

I have to admit, my aggressive swings are probably the cause of my shoulder pain. And, using both hands on both sides, makes a faster swing speed easier. I also use one hand shots on both sides since that was the way I learned to play back in the late '50s. Basically, when the ball is in the baseball strike zone, I use two hands, otherwise one handers when I have to stretch. Since making my come-back, I need to learn to balance swing speed versus consistency/accuracy.

I've ordered a 7G with Bab 17 NG at 52 (lowest recommended tension) and will report after I get some court time.

Thanks again,
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