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Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
It's not just the midsole, but I find the customization for the Vapor 9 Tours are VERY limited. Look at the Upper, it just looks like someone spilled a bucket of paint onto the shoe.

Nearly every single colorway released for the Vapor 9 Tours come with two-toned Upper, since Winter 2012, Nike has added a 3rd and 4th tone to the heel and tongue portion of the shoe.
Yes, options are very limited. Just 1 upper color (including the "fingers"), vents, frame, midsole and sole. Hopefully in the future they add more color options and options for two or 3-toned upper.

But that shoe Roger is wearing could be easily replicated, at least colorway wise, with ID if you could put some color other than black or white in the midsole. His have the leather toe box vs the mesh that retail and ID have and the outrigger on the sole that used to be used on Vapor 6 and Vapor 7 and 8 which Nike left out on the V9.

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