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Originally Posted by goober View Post
OT- but the last time I saw somebody bring their extended family to a match was a 4.0 tournament. He entered as a self rate and he either played in high school a long time ago or he started playing as and adult. He had his whole entourage (about 7-8 people) watch him lose 6-0, 6-0 in about 40 minutes.
That was clearly too much pressure for him to handle.

I played a self rated guy in January who brought his wife to the match which was not a big deal. He warmed up great and was using what seemed like a pretty good forehand to move me side to side. We played a long first game and after going to deuce twice he broke me. His wife was really excited and positive pulling for and encouraging him. That was the last game he won and also the last time any game went to deuce. I honestly think the pressure of her watching was partially why he imploded.
When should you serve and volley in doubles? Only when you want to win.

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