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Originally Posted by EAItennismum View Post
Thanks Gavna. Do you prefer France to Spain for tennis?
That's easy FRANCE.........but I'm biased, grew up in France but I have family in Spain (Catalona region) and in France.

We vacation in both places - we have a house on the border between France and Spain and spend summers there. The whole Catalan coast is awesome - not that crowed until late July then all the Germans, Danes and Brits show up and take over.

The French have what is probably the highest tennis participation in Europe........the sport is easily the Number 1 participation sport and is only behind football in popularity. They are truly nuts about tennis and the FFT regulates it very well. Very easy to find and play in tournaments -

Spain also big tennis nation but nothing like the French. Check out the FFT and the RFET sites to get a good idea of each.
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