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Originally Posted by shadowshifter View Post
has anyone played with both iontec black 1.25 full bed and iontec black 1.20 full bed? i've tried the 1.25 full bed in my exo3 rebel 95 2012 and liked it more than i thought i would, undecided on whether or not to try the 1.20 next or just get more 1.25
I tried the 1.20 @50 (dropweight) in my Biomimetic 200. I found it to be very soft and lacking a feeling of control or spin. A big plus is how easily it was to string up. I did an UKRSA ATW one piece pattern. I would go 3 lbs. higher if I tried it again. If you're happy with the 1.25, I'd recommend sticking with that.
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