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Originally Posted by dizzlmcwizzl View Post
my wife has never had anything to do with sports in her entire life ...

I like it better this way.
+1. my wife has seen me play a match just once. league dubs match. afterwards she said, "i thought you'd be running more. points didn't last very long either. kinda boring."

curse you woman!

sorry to derail. hey OP - keep it simple and just take notice of what the guy wears and brings to the court.

matching gear from head to toe and a 12 pack racquet bag with only 4 racquets = poser. likely wildly inconsistent. short day for you.

scrubby non matching clothes and looks like he just finished mowing the lawn. carrying one racquet - possibly wooden. small thermos of water = tighten your laces and apply the diaper cream. you are about to be handed bagels and breadsticks. your entire tourney may be over in about 30 minutes.
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