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Originally Posted by hermtm2 View Post
Can you recommend any brand? There are tons of multis.
Coming from polys, I would try Ashaway Zyex Monogut ZX. (Not the normal Monogut). Monogut ZX is a completely new class of string. It is made of Zyex, which is less stiff than any multi on the market. It is also a monofilament, like copoly strings. And like copoly strings it is slippery and hard, which allows it to slide and snap back on impact. It is the only non-copoly string that does this, which means it will give you some of the copoly spin action, which no multi can offer because multis are made of sticky polyurethane glues. There is a pretty active thread about Monogut ZX in the string forum.

This string is flying under the radar because it's not made by one of the big brands, but it is designed for people currently using poly but who want a more comfortable and powerful string.
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