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This string is doing my head in. I snapped a 2nd set when tying off the mains. Had to find an alternative spare hole to tie off instead. Not sure what effect that has on the stringbed.

Strung Red ZX 1.27 at 52lbs CP this time in the Juice Pro (versus 53lbs originally). I'm not feeling the love. Not sure what's happening. During the first couple of hours of hitting, it plays okay but I wasn't getting that blend of plushness/crispness/confidence that I got the first time around. Am also getting too much length on balls and I don't quite have the confidence to take a big rip at the ball. That said, the first I strung in the Juice Pro was a bit inconsistent off the stringer and it wasn't until the 2nd hitting session that it began to settle down. I think this string needs to settle after stringing or it needs to be broken in after stringing or something has to happen for it to reach its peak playability levels. I also suspect that going too low in terms of tension isn't the answer.

Will see how it goes over the next few hours to see whether it can replicate the beautiful performance of the string when I strung the first set of string in the Juice Pro. I'm wondering whether those slow pulls suggested by Julian would have helped....

I'm also tempted to try a tension differential between Ms and Cs. Although I appreciate that this isn't a poly, I've found that going 1lb or so lower on the mains increases spin slightly with polys.

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