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I think it depends on your positioning. I like JRB would pull him to the side if I had the better angle and tell him that I had the better angle and the ball was clearly in. I wouldn't over rule him the first time. I'd give him a chance to do it. If he doesn't I'd over rule him if it happened again.

As far as your serves being in, I don't know about that. That may have been your concience(sp) eating at you. You can't tell me that you can see your serve better than the net person on the other side. I cussed a guy out two weeks ago for clowning me about balls I called out on his serve in doubles. I didn't go off because he questioned the call. I went off because he was how shall I say it...light in the shoes...sugar get my drift and was really emontional about it prancing around the court and what I let him have it. Nothing worse than someone trying to call both sides of the net.

Originally Posted by tennistim View Post
Happened to me last night. My partner called a ball out that was in. It was a big point in a tie-breaker and I wish I had said something straight away. In fact nobody said anything, but I think we all knew that it was in. It threw my concentration and we lost the tie-break.

Then in the next set the opposition got revenge by calling out some of my serves that were in.

Really ruins the spirit of the game when this happens.

I am just trying to figure out how to avoid this happening again. I think I need to overrule my partners bad calls straight away - no discussion. Otherwise it creates a much bigger problem....
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