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I got the T14s, which were on closeout for $39.99. I read mixed reviews. I'll try them on in my home and if they don't feel right, I'll send them back and try T22s (or a non prince shoe). The T9s were great and I found them completely by accident.

Of course I want to keep costs down, but I'm really not simply chasing the cheapest shoe, I am willing to pay significantly more, but the T9s were $49.99 and, for me at least, performed just as well as much more expensive shoes. So, I thought I'd give the T14s a try at least. Too bad all I can really do is walk around in my house with them to try to evaluate fit.

I always end up finding a shoe and then getting 8-12 pairs in a row before they end up going away. I had 8 pairs of Adidas A3 Prevails before the T9s. I loved that shoe, much better for me than Barricades.
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