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They play whatever gives them the win and that is is the only valid strategy in pro sport and they've sure won many, many more rounds that way than Blake. Bashing the ball and then seeing what happens is NOT a winning strategy and should certainly not be adopted by serious competitors just because a handful of guys on a message board find that "entertaining". One needs a compromise between taking risks and being conservative just like one needs the proper balance between offensive and defensive skills. Attacking every ball blindly is not a winning strategy, it's a recipe for disaster because it's "hit or miss" and it's way too hazardous to build a day in day out career out of it. You need timing, taking risks only when appropriate and playing tennis % when needed. In other words, you need flexibility and sustainable tactics over the long term. (+ addressing your specific point, the early rounds are the most dangerous for upsets, definitely not an experimenting playground. The line between losing and winning is very thin when it comes to top 100 players)
Excellent post that explains the difference between smart play and ignorant ball bashing. Maybe even some of the people here that either never play tennis or have no idea of what it takes to compete in sports can even understand.
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