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Originally Posted by hermtm2 View Post
Since the restring costs me $14 and 48 hours, I can't simply pursue arm-friendly string. Thus, the durability will be the second important factor for buying the next string.

By the way this is the first time to learn about the string. No one (or may be someone) taught me this kind of knowledge. I am looking forward to learn about the hybrid-string set up next time. Also the string pattern (16x18 or etc..)

Well, if durability is a concern then Monogut ZX is your string. Much better durability than any multi. Check out the feedback at TW. One customer said it felt like Biphase but lasted four times longer. Personally, I can't stand multis. Gummy, mushy stuff that breaks in 5 minutes if you hit with spin. Overpriced to boot. I'd rather use Gosen OG Micro 18 than any multi, but that's just me. Speaking of OG, have you considered a very soft copoly, like Gosen Sidewinder (the softest on the market) with OG Micro 18 crosses. That might work for you. Or Sidewinder in a full bed.
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