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Originally Posted by TomT View Post
I'd recommend the Tennis League Network for you, but I don't think it's got a league in the Atlanta area. Don't know for sure though -- you can check it out. As a new TLN member you could self-rate and your rating would be modified (even during seasonal league play), or not, based on your results.

As for your situation with Ultimate it looks like you're stuck with playing a season at 3.0, after which your results, based on what you've said your current playing level is, should cause them to bump you up a level or two.
I'd just go for winning each match by as wide a margin as you can. If any of your opponents mention that you seem too good to be playing 3.0, then you can explain your situation to them. No need to be cold about it. You can use it as a conversation starter or ice-breaker, engaging in friendly conversation between points while proceeding to crush them on court.

I'll be checking out your thread from time to time to see how you're doing. Hope you keep us updated. Post some videos of your playing if possible. Best of luck.
Yeah, it hasn't been too much of an issue so far. Partially, because I've been beating my opponents with consistency. Nothing too flashy or high-quality, even though my first two matches were blowouts. I will look into TLN; thanks for the head's up.

Originally Posted by t135 View Post
That's a lot of three set matches and lop sided scores both ways. Erratic results and not quite ready to close matches out. It would appear to be someone who need another seasonal that level to learn how to close them out consistently in two sets, with consistent scores before moving up a level.

It's a good feeling to know you're getting better isn't it? Just play another season at 3.0, prove you belong at another level and close the matches out. Those match results don't look convincing. Can't blame UT for to moving you up. I'd destroy 3.0 level players.
Yeah, I don't blame UT, based on my on-paper results in their leagues. I just thought trying to get bumped up was worth a shot, based on my LeagueTennis results (having a winning record in 3.5 last season, in particular.)

Originally Posted by j00dypoo View Post
It's all about history. I took a two year hiatus from UT (broke wrist in car accident) and called them when I was ready to sign up again. They had no problem bumping me up 4 levels after they saw my history and listened to me plead my case.

Have since been bumped up another level and trying my best not to be bumped back down lol.
Had you been playing at that higher level before the injury, or, did you just get really good in the two years following it?

_ _ _ _

This week's results:

This guy had lost a one-sided affair last week, so I went in thinking it probably wouldn't be much of a match. But, during the warmup, I was struck by how solid his groundstrokes were, at least compared to my expectations. When the match started, however, it was a different story. He played pretty tight and made a lot of unforced errors. I, for some reason, was playing down as well, but I have at least developed a decent slice for when I get tight and afraid to put pace on no-pace balls.

He said he'd never played leagues before, so I expect him to get better once he gets a some more match experience under his belt. I was there, a year and a half ago.

Next week's match is against the guy who trounced (well, almost as badly as I did) this guy last week. Judging from match history, this should be my biggest test of the season.

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