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Default PS85 comments

Speculation from a former tour player I had string my brand new PS85 is that these are not new racquets...they are old racquets...that is why they have new grips with different color butt caps on them (the original grips installed would need to be replaced they sat on a shelf so long)....suspicion on where it says 'Use Sensation String' inside as well since far more advanced strings are available now....the 88 I have does not say this either. They weighed the racquet and checked the balance point...everything checks out. Why does everyone think it's so crazy that Wilson could make a racquet like this again? I feel that different factories would be held to the same standards as far as paying $500 for a 'St. Vincent' goes....I agree with many on here that most could never tell the difference if their life depended on's like anything else...tour players don't use any of these anyway...they have custom racquets that are painted to make you feel like you have the same thing you bought at the nearest Sports Authority....
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