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Ok but as far as Springsteen, he like Freddie Mercury just overshadowed his E street guys over time.
Very different situations. For one thing, it wasn't called "Freddie Mercury and Queen". I'm also doubtful that Mercury wrote all the music and lyrics and that the band members were his employees, like in Springsteen's case. I'm no Springstreen expert, but I thought from the start it was pretty much "Bruce Springstreen and a bunch of guys he needs to play the back-up stuff".

An easy rule of thumb here: If the the guy's name goes in front of the band, he moves into the soloist category. You could replace members of the Heartbreakers, Crazy Horse, and the E Street band and still go on, but you can't really replace Tom Petty, Neil Young, and Bruce Sprinstreen in those bands.

Originally Posted by comeback View Post
Frankii Valli and the 4 Seasons still live on Broadway and all over the world with "Jersey Boys"..not many bands can say that
Or would want to.

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