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There a a number of H.S. teams like this around the the country. Maybe 5 or 6. Would be cool to see them play in the same tournament. I believe there's a big tournament every year in California where a bunch of top H.S. teams come together from around the country. Can't remember the name of that tournament. There's also the DecoTurf Tournament in Louisville with a bunch of good teams from all over as well. Sure there are more.
Why not have an officially sanctioned national high school championship tournament? Bring the top 12 teams or so in the nation together and hold an official national championship tournament. That would bring some relevance to high school tennis. A lot of top players just don't play high school because the competition stinks. This would give them an incentive to play. The Foot Locker national cross country championships have been extremely successful and brings the best runners from all regions of the country together in one race.
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