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Originally Posted by tonygao View Post
it seems without a rating on the title, very little interest can a post attract. I just repost my latest practice match vids here in order to get more comments.

here is the vid where I played someone at the same level as myself(3.5-) . I am in the purple shirt.

below are sets against a 4.0+ player
1st set 0:6
I am the one close to the camera:

2nd set 3:6
I am the one on the far side:

it's so clear that when faced with higher level player, my strokes look a lot worse. so a basic conclusion about video, you need to really see the opponent's level before judging the level of one player.
Very much enjoyed watching these vids. Thanks. Some nice hitting and serving. You appear to have as good or better technique than all but a couple of the best 3.5s I've played against in my limited experience so far. If that's your current rating, then I agree with the posters who said you're on the cusp of moving to a higher level.

You can win points and games against the higher rated players. In the video where you lost 0-6 ( ), it looks to me like you're in pretty much all of the points, eg., nice 19 shot rally in a point that you won between 8:10 and 8:45. So, with a bit of tweaking of your game to decrease the rate of unnecessary errors and increase the rate of forcing shots that you hit, I can see you regularly beating those guys.

Post more vids. Good stuff!
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