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This afternoon was my first time out with my brand new 7G with 17 gauge VS natural gut strung at 50. The 50 is two pounds less the lowest tension ProKennex recommends, but I'm trying to get the best frame/string/tension to stop my shoulders from hurting after I play.

It was breezy (about 15 mph) off the Gulf Coast today in central Florida, but the temperature was in the lower 70's and sunny. I hit two hoppers against my ball machine, about a total of 130 balls.

I am very pleased with the way this racket plays. I did well today, I especially for the first time out. I don't feel like I have to make much adjustment from my previous racket. With the 17 gauge NG and low tension there is plenty of power. Perhaps too much power, but I need more time with the racket and without the wind. IF this cures my shoulder, I can experiment with higher tension.

The 7G comfort level is excellent. Whether it will aleviate my shoulder problems, time will tell. Let's see how I feel in a couple of week.

I am very pleased I bought the 7G. Back to the courts the day after tomorrow!

Thanks to everybody that contributed to this thread to help me make my choice.

Best wishes,
Volkl Organix V1 Pro, Babolat 17 gauge natural gut at 50
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