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Originally Posted by eastbayliz View Post
Anyone wear prescription glasses to play? I feel like some sunglasses would be great except for a clear lens. Don't know where to start. Who wears contacts? Also anyone ever get Lasik surgery? Or considered it so you don't have
to wear glasses when playing tennis?
I had Lasek (marginally different than Lasik) about 6 years ago. It's not for everybody, but it is working great for me. If you are interested in any kind of laser surgery, do lots of homework on who you use. Make sure they have done thousands of procedures. Make sure that they own their own equipment, and that they do not sub-lease it out to anybody. Some offices are known to book a bunch of appts for a day/week, then only bring in the equipment for that time.

Check to see if a nearby university (assuming you are close to Berkeley) has an ophthalmology dept. I was able to have the senior professor of my university do my procedure for not much more cash than a private shop. Most people would agree that eyesight is worth the investment...

The only tip I would give for anyone going through with laser surgery is to follow the recovery instructions to a T. You are going to get 4-5 different types of eye drops to use for a few weeks. I thought that since I was tearing up so much naturally, I could back off on some of the lubricating drops. A visit to the ER in the middle of the night convinced me otherwise. Other than that, no issues with recovery.

As far as contrasting playing tennis with glasses and without glasses... Well, it's been 6 years now, and it is hard to even remember what wearing glasses is like. For everything.
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