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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
hoodjem, I counted exactly the head to head: 68:48 in Rosewall's favour.

As amateurs the score is 13:8 in Hoad's favour.

Of course some pro matches are missed, among them the 20:5 balance of Rosewall against Hoad for the early 1960s mentioned in Rosewall's biography (Peter Rowley).
I have a different breakdown. No surprise in that, eh?

Beginning in 1952 for men's play:

Through 1960, on grass Hoad 16 wins to Rosewall's 9 wins.
Through 1960, on clay Hoad 15 wins to Rosewall's 7 wins.

After 1960, Rosewall had a dominant edge.

In fact, the only wins of any consequence I see for Hoad against Rosewall after 1960 are the Adelaide final on March 17, 1962 where Hoad won 7-5, 6-8, 6-4 (stats courtesy of Andrew Tas)
and the decider of the 1964 New Zealand tour, although Rosewall had won the first three matches between them in the series.

In long matches at Wembley in the 1962 final and the 1966 semifinal, although close, Hoad seemed to tire at the end.

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