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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Your thinking is flawed.
The slice serve is NOT to hit winners, but to keep the serve IN the opponent's court without double faulting.
Curving a ball and slowing it down does not equate hitting winners.
The pros hit harder top/slices than any of us, and it's almost never a winner OR a forcing return, because the retuner can return it easily.
You are completely wrong. Federer and others have an awesome sliced serve down the T which curves away from the returner and crashes into the fence. They use it after serving to the body or out-wide a few times, so that the returner is standing closer to the alley. They then surprise him with the slice monster, and he cannot get anywhere near it.

Another slice serve is hit by tall servers which are angled out wide. They bounce relatively short, and crash into the side boards without every going near the service line. The returner just shakes his head and walks away to the other court.
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