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Originally Posted by TennisDawg View Post
What is always puzzling about customizing a frame is a tennis player goes thru great pains to read all the racquet specifications for balance, weight, swing weight etc. and then as soon as they get the racquet they modify the racquet and change the racquet dynamics. A professional could hire someone to build the perfect racquet without going through all the modifications. For the average recreational player it doesn't make sense to buy the racquet because you prefer a certain type frame and then modify it anyway to play differently.
For the rec player, the most affordable option is to find something that's close to what you like and customize. So wouldn't it make sense to go that route?

It's not only weight, it could be grip shape or just making sure all your sticks have the same weight/balance.

Sure there are companies that will do totally custom rackets for us average folks, but at a hefty cost most people won't pay.
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