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Originally Posted by luvforty View Post
due to the law of symmetry - a righty is a lefty to a lefty.

that's how you play the lefty - it's really no big deal, duece court wide slice, use that on every serve.
Not so! I've been a lefty server for 40 years and know better. I get a lot of mileage spinning the ball into the body on the FH side on the ad side. A righty can often do the same thing to a lefty on the deuce side. I would actually prefer a serve to my BH out wide on the deuce side. Now if it's an extreme short, wide serve that's another matter.

Originally Posted by Moz View Post
The 'advantage' of the left hander is one of the most overblown things in tennis.
It really depends what level you are talking about.
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