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This 2nd string job of Red ZX 1.27 in my Juice Pro is unusual compared to the 1st string job in the same racquet. The 2nd string job is definitely playing better at 2-3 hours in compared to when it was initially strung (it seems to settled down) and you can hit out at the ball much more now - its starting to give that confidence again - but it doesn't quite feel as plush or as powerful or as forgiving as I remember it to be (compared to the 1st string job in the same stick). Stringbed feels tighter/stiffer despite it being strung 1lb lower. Feels more like a soft poly than a combo poly/multi/gut type string which is what the 1st job felt like at certain times. Not sure whether these characteristics are being caused by the mains being tied off on a different hole to what it should be. I wouldn't have thought so, but you never know.

One of the most interesting things about this string (for me anyway) is that I don't feel much fatigue on the body the day after 2-3 hours of hitting. With a stiff poly, I feel fatigue and stiffness in my body the day after a heavy hitting session, and physically would probably be at around 70%. As a result, I usually try and build in a recovery day free of heavy hitting or matches. With this ZX string I'm probably at 90-95% the day after a heavy hitting session.

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