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Arrow Seeking A Recruitment At A Junior College

Well, I had a similar post before, but it was in the "Junior" thread by accident, so I have to make another one...

I'm going to a Junior College next year, and I was "scoping out" the competition... and 11/12 Men are Freshman (Sophomores next year).. I think this is a bad sign for me. Usually, the top 7 or 8 players actually play matches, so I have to prove myself to the coach that I am worthy of actually playing and not being a 'benchwarmer'... There's only 3 foreigners. A male is from Germany, and the other two women are from South Africa and Austrailia...

Hopefully, I can attend a practice session with them later this week or during Spring Break. Oh wait, there's a match on Friday for them.. Well, I hope the coach is alright looking at me during Spring Break then.. If I don't make it, I guess I can play league tennis... however, I hate the politics, I have experienced it before and know how to deal with it..

Can I post a roster of them? I don't know If I can post these or not. If I can't I'll delete the link.

I think the male in the center with the Red Babolat is the #1 player.

Wish me luck fellow TT Members!
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