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Originally Posted by Overdrive View Post
Well, I had a similar post before, but it was in the "Junior" thread by accident, so I have to make another one...

I'm going to a Junior College next year, and I was "scoping out" the competition... and 11/12 Men are Freshman (Sophomores next year).. I think this is a bad sign for me. Usually, the top 7 or 8 players actually play matches, so I have to prove myself to the coach that I am worthy of actually playing and not being a 'benchwarmer'... There's only 3 foreigners. A male is from Germany, and the other two women are from South Africa and Austrailia...

Hopefully, I can attend a practice session with them later this week or during Spring Break. Oh wait, there's a match on Friday for them.. Well, I hope the coach is alright looking at me during Spring Break then.. If I don't make it, I guess I can play league tennis... however, I hate the politics, I have experienced it before and know how to deal with it..

Can I post a roster of them? I don't know If I can post these or not. If I can't I'll delete the link.

I think the male in the center with the Red Babolat is the #1 player.

Wish me luck fellow TT Members!
You need to talk with the coach. Are you dead set on Temple? Ask the coach if all the players are planning to return next year? Does he have room on the team for freshman next year? How many? If he can watch you play, ask him his thoughts on your game, wjere does he see you fitting it on yhe team. Let him know what's important to you. Do you want playing time year one? Understanding where he sees you fitting in will give you an idea. Do you want to improve and play on after JC tennis? What level D1 NAIA etc. do you have a 4 yr school in mind you want to end up at? Let him know.

I know a good bit about JC tennis. If you want to know more feel free to in mail me from my profile.
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