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Originally Posted by arche3 View Post
I think it is the Eagle. Lol.
I'm actually kinda annoyed with dozu as well because he is trolling me with his avatar. He used mine but added a pancake serve. What's funnier is that I started using my avatar to troll Torres. Lmao.
What annoys me is that he came on here as 'luv40' and for 2 weeks was littering on numerous threads about how everyone 'talks too much about forehands' and 'stop talking about forehands' and 'this and that threads are wastes of time because it deals w/ forehands' over and over and over and then he even started his own thread about 'people here talk too much about the forehand'. And now here he is starting a 'forehand quiz' thread that he's clueless about.

He would have gotten more respect just coming back as Dozu instead of attempting to deceive us all w/ his new online personality.
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