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Originally Posted by Sanglier View Post
Could it be because the average experience tends to be slightly more advanced here than in the other sections, even if we discounted Coachrick's contribution?

Many of us probably see some reflection of ourselves in the racquets we love - a bit softer than the newer stuff, thicker walled, more swing weight, occasionally with a dense core, sweet and mellow most of the time, but can still pack a punch when everything is lined up just right; all of that wrapped in a relatively understated package that may exhibit some scars but is structurally sound, for the most part, which has been around just long enough to be labeled "vintage" without being bothered by it.

And we behave accordingly, for the most part.

From the archives, I get the sense that earlier conversations in this corner of the forum weren't always so congenial. I am pretty sure that if I had discovered this place back then, I would still have become an addict and visited here every day (and night), but strictly as a spectator. Being a born wimp, I find that watching a UFC match is an infinitely more appealing proposition than taking part in one, in that it would supply all the testosterone surge I could handle through resonant inductive coupling, without the unpleasant side effects of experiencing the real deal.

Joe Sch: Love your site. I've actually ordered a couple of the books on your recommendation list, which I would not have known about otherwise. The best part of being a relative newbie to this hobby is that there is always so much to learn and discover at every turn!
Hey, as someone that was here at the very start, I've got to say that it's always been very friendly here

There has been the odd person that caused some trouble in the past, but even they were very knowledgable, and it has mainly just been banter. One of the reasons I'm posting here again is that it seems more lively here lately, with lots of people posting which is great news.

I've met some great friends from here. 3 years ago I went out to meet Virginia in New Zealand while on holiday amazingly, and Hans in Holland as well; it was brilliant to meet them and see their superb classic racket collections
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