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Welker balked at the 2 for 10 with bonuses up to 16. Amendola signed, pats had no need to up the offer to keep Welker.

All the teams with good young QBs. Or just young Cheap QBs on the rookie deals are overspending a bit on guys right now.

SEA, Indy, MIA. All have what they think is the QB going forward for a couple years on the rookie deal still. not having to pay Russel Wilson over a mill to get production that costs between 12-15 a year gives them room to pay those guys.

Thats the way this league will operate goping forward. just Imagine Now if the Lions had Stafford and Megatron as rookies making less than 5 mill. How much could they sepnd to get dudes? So there is more under the new CBA to hitting a homerun with the draft picks. Stafford and Bradford got more in garunteed money than any rookie will make total over the entire deal.
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