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Originally Posted by stringertom View Post
Two thoughts about this sick amount of do-re-mi:

1. Jim Caldwell deserves a sizeable tip from Flacco.

2. Poe was accurate in estimating the next Ravens' ring..."Nevermore"
I Agree. But the people around here in BMore genarelly think Flacco is the reason they win all the time. When you look at his performance it sometimes feels like the win despite him.

Also find it curious how once Flacco signed that deal every good FA they had bolted out of town. The writing is on the wall, those guys bailed and i dont blame them.

But to the Ravens defense the Flacco deal is a big one. but the first 3 year cap hit is all under 10 mill then it goes up to 30. He will be cut or traded or re negitated by then. So the Ravens will end up paying him 70 or so mill when this deal is all said in the done.

Joe had leverage as well. He could have not signed any deal he didnt want. The Ravens would have had to put the francise tag on him which would have crippled the salaryy cap. So the Ravens essentially saved 6-7 mill by having him sign this deal.
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