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1. Wow. The Patsies couldn't match 6mil/year for a guaranteed 100+ catch receiver?

I guess they are banking on a younger Amendola coming and doing it for years to come. Might be a genius move or a disastrous one. Or they may plan to unveil a brand new 5 TE set.

2. I really wanted my Bills to keep Levitre but, he cashed in in Tennessee. 8mil/year is way too much for a guard. Cut Fitz nice guy but, we all saw it coming. Another rebuilding year... year 1 of our 14 year rebuild

3. lol the Ravens, from first to worst. Time for Joe to earn that contract and carry that team because he's going to have to if they keep losing players at this rate.

4. Harvin went for a lot more than I expected for a guy with no 1000 yard/double digit TD seasons. Then again, he did have Ponder throwing to him...

5. CB market is stacked this year. Someone is going to get Nnamdi on the cheap and he's going to play lights out. All teams should boycott Mevis... I mean Revis.
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