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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
Plenty of restaurants in the area. Among the fast food places, I remember a BK, Del Taco and Panda Express. These are closer to 74 & 111, rather than the part of 111 closer to the Tennis Garden. So I would suggest eating there before going in.

Food on the grounds is not bad. Usual stuff, maybe slightly more upscale than expected. The pizza place is not bad.
I usually like to grab a sub and bring it in around 10:30...there are also a few other quick places to get a to-go order.

Here's a google map of some fast food places (along rt 111) there are a few small shopping centers that are good, quick.

I'd recommend going early, as the line for General Parking starts looking like "rush hour traffic" by 11:30-1pm and 3:30-5pm in the afternoon...btw, the middle lane on Washington does let you turn left and is generally faster too
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