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Originally Posted by raven5288 View Post
we are going tomorrow, have day and night loge tickets. Planning on leaving San Diego around 7, getting to IW around 930. Any good, cheap places to eat in the area for going in? How's the food on the grounds? Also, I assume there will be a break between day and night sessions, what can we do during that time?
When I wanted to take a "break", I'd go grab a lawn chair and sit near the grassy area with the 3 big screens (in front of Corona tent). Also you can get a free massage at the Thai tourism tent or score some freebies at Emirates (seat cushions, chocolates).

My pics are up on Flickr:

As for playing actual tennis - got invited to fill in for some missing guys at Monteray CC - part of 4th annual "Team Tennis Championships" for a Minnesota team that needed extra 4.0 men...

It was exactly what I was looking for from this thread...(play tennis in the morning, watch more in the afternoon + at night); great people and awesome dinner* Hope they have something like this at other tourneys too

**Btw, I checked out La Jolla - beach just north of SD and was cool to see the seals out there on the beach.

From SD, the drive on Rt 74 (aka "Pines to Palms" Hwy was very cool - light dusting of snow like Granite said...) - recommend doing this route only in the day time though - Big Horn has a lot of twists and turns but extremely fun for spirted drive..
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