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Originally Posted by corners View Post
All the Wilson woodies I have have routed-out string channels in the top half of the hoop. I'd like to string up a woodie with half the normal strings, so turning an 18x20 into a 10x11. But these channels won't allow that.

Are there any woodies out there that don't have these built-in "grommet" channels?
A few went to this method for a couple of reasons. The Pancho Segura SweetSpot was the first I remember. The Kramer Midsize came a bit later, also with a full channel groove.

Later, some of the mid(+) woods channeled out a groove to cut down on weight. The Prince Woodie along with the Kennex and Head woods had channels in some(perhaps not all). As I recall, the Dunlop A Player was traditionally grooved at first; but may have gone to the 'channel' later.
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