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Originally Posted by Muppet View Post
The doctor I went to for an evaluation wants to send me around their hospital for further evaluations. This after I asked him to send me to the OT/PT office of my choice.

The two injuries I have can easily be handled at the place where I want to go. This is ******* me off. I'm leaning toward just getting some nice Superfeet insoles and Merrell shoes and hike myself into shape. Western medicine forces the body to perform in certain ways too much (often invasive.) Rather than pay a bunch of co-pays and have to go to the appointments, I may be better off just taking care of myself.

That damn walk-in clinic doctor said that I can get a wrist brace that I can wear overnight. He was purposely attempting to create a problem. Hey, all the more insurance money for them! And when I tried asking the outside office if I could be seen without a doctor's order, I found that I couldn't. I'm sure it would be the same run around with my primary care. She's at the same hospital.

I got a wrist brace, but I'm only using it for activities when I need it (computer, shoveling snow, etc.) And I'm taking a break from tennis until the wrist is 100% back. Luckily, my injuries don't keep me from weight training.

Thanks for listening. I guess my signature isn't applying right now.
Is the "doctor I went to for an evaluation" a hand specialist/surgeon?

If so, he is the one who treats most wrist problems, and is the one who ends up seeing all the wrist injuries in your area that don't get better on their own over time.

Most walk-in clinic doctors and primary care physicians have limited knowledge taking care of wrist injuries- ESPECIALLY LIMITED for tennis players (like no experience at all, unless it gets better by itself).

Where on the wrist is the pain?

Could it be a TFCC injury?

You may find it helpful to read through this page on wrist injuries from the USTA:
Wrist Injuries
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