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Originally Posted by coachrick View Post
Of course, removing that amount of material likely disturbed the integrity of the hoop, making it more prone to warping.

If you are contemplating using the very high tensions recommended for the Hi Ten and similar frames, I would caution you because the racket is very likely to warp.

It's also a little frustrating because you aren't likely to get a pattern you will like unless you still want a somewhat dense center and very open outer mains. I'd vote for 12 mains at least on most frames.

Good luck!
Thanks Coachrick. I'd be stringing pretty loosely with either gut/copoly or very-low-tension copoly, like 25 pounds. I see what you mean, though, about the center mains, they would be very tight. Hadn't thought of that. I could also go 18 mains, 11 crosses, and string the crosses twice as tight as the mains to try to prevent hoop distortion, but that might not work. (It does in modern racquets but of course they are much stronger/stiffer than woodies.)

My aim is to use a 65 square-inch woody strung with something similar to my normal string setup as a training tool. I just read a paper the other day that showed significant improvement in RHS from training with a heavier racquet than usual, and using a sub-midsize frame always helps with hitting the center of the strings.
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