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Bravo. This was badly needed. The point is not about the 100 bucks or whether she will play like Federer, as people mistakenly think, but about exposing fraud. Arguing that she should have known Fed does not use the frame is bogus. The company is relying on the thousands of people who believe precisely this. I have seen many juniors walk in with their parents into the pro shop pointing out "Federer's racket" and "Nadal racket."

After all the threads about this issue on TW, it is great that finally someone has filed a lawsuit. Even if they lose, the public awareness will be awakened. It is one thing to claim a frame is used by Fed if it customized later - the frame is still the same. But it is quite a different matter to lie when the frame being used is an older model, and the whole advertisement revolves around how the new version is better.

Let us see how long this thread will remain, because I bet there is going to lot of pressure exerted.
That's ridiculous. Kids and juniors only want the aesthetic visual of their favourite pro's racquet. I doubt they care about whether or not the swingweight or composition of the racquet is identical to the one used on tour.
Racquet companies should have the right to make new products to make new profits and pros should have the right to use a racquet they're comfortable with. The consumer does not have reason to complain about this unless it negatively affects them directly.