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Originally Posted by luvforty View Post
finally figured out the bird itch push tonight - guy on the other side was shocked how big i hit it..

true E grip, more hammer than pistol, palm side base knuckles firmly behind bevel 3.... usual take a way... then PUNCH the forearm straight thru the ball (i.e. if there is a dry wall at the contact point, I'd punch a hole with my fist, let forearm goes thru the hole until my elbow reaches the hole).... Wegner's 'finding the ball with the hand' works well here.

on the other hand, the so called punch in popular teaching of volley does not feel like a punch at all (unless you are a girl).... it's more like a push of a tilted windshield forward.

how confusing is this stuff..... i think it's a conspiracy by the teaching pros to get people to buy more lessons.
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