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That's ridiculous. Kids and juniors only want the aesthetic visual of their favourite pro's racquet. I doubt they care about whether or not the swingweight or composition of the racquet is identical to the one used on tour.
Racquet companies should have the right to make new products to make new profits and pros should have the right to use a racquet they're comfortable with. The consumer does not have reason to complain about this unless it negatively affects them directly.
It is a question of false advertising. If you think that it is a question of making new products or using them, then I don't wish to discuss any further with you, because you will not get it. No one has prevented Wilson from making a new frame.

Whether the cheating rises to the level of negatively affecting the customer is up to a judge or jury to decide. I recall that either Domino or Pizza Hut went after Papa Johns for claiming that they used the "best ingredients." They had to change it to "better ingredients." There is a huge double standard wrt companies. Apparently a company can claim that people are stupid enough to believe that "best ingredient" meant the best in the world from an objective standpoint. If so, a person can certainly claim that marketing a new frame by lying that Fed uses it is knowing deception. The business world cannot have it both ways.

Let us see.
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