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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Exactly, poster #9.
Most modern kids can hit well against hard hitting 4.5's, but lose.
Unfortunately, they also lose to tenacious smart, slow hitting junk balling 4.0's.
Take experience to slow down your mind, but quicken your feet, be patient, yet know when to attack.
When you start to beat those pesky 4.0 pushers, you rise another level to 4.5.
Lee, you give facts but don't explain them. I'm curious, why, specifically do some have a hard time with soft shots, is it that they lose concentration, think about it like I think?

Like I say, I get shocked when I slam it over to my son and he jams it back no problem, but if I just tap it, it seems plus I know him, that he has real problems.

My son has concentration problems, and thinks too much about what he's going to do, so when I slam it, or when we do drills at the net he has no problems, at the net you don't really have time to think also, but soft shots, forget it.

Just want to know why specifically you state what you do. Thanks.
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