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Default Guesses on this really odd shoulder situation

While I have had numerous bouts with elbow and some wrist issues over the past few years, I have never had a shoulder problem. Two nights ago I was playing some points with another pro, hit a serve to hit ad court, and felt a pain shoot through my shoulder. I didn't feel much of anything after that and continued to hit another 30 m or so and forgot about it. I went home, had dinner, watched tv, nothing. In the middle of the night I woke up in HORRIBLE pain, could not really move my arm without picking it up and could not get back to sleep. Next day at my daytime office job, I walked around with my arm against my side, feeling constant pain. I took a couple of doses of anti inflammatories, and then went to my tennis complex to do my evening lessons, which I obviously could barely do, one of the lessons was with a little kid, so no big deal, the other was more of a 'hitting' lesson, I basically could barely hit a ball, just chipped back fh's with a continental grip and couldn't really hit a bh at all.

Well, I wake up this morning and am basically pain free. I can swing my arm around, no pain. Only if I get it at a certain angle can I feel much pain... and that would be lifting arm up over head and sorta reaching across my body...

I have a couple of moderate lessons scheduled today so I guess I will see what happens. I can't imagine how it hurt so badly yesterday and today I feel basically nothing. Any ideas?
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