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Hi jrxl-thanks for sharing your experience. Sounds like it has paid off for you. I have been thinking about this for awhile in the very back of my head while starting to look at all the options that I have. I've been wearing my glasses for most of my life and am pretty used to it. But now getting back into playing tennis and competing seriously I have thought-wow what would it be like to not have to wear these! I am curious how long the recovery is? Sounds like you have to follow directions for sure. Was there any pain? And did you have to take time off work/sports etc at all? Thanks again it's great to hear from someone who has taken this path. My period of research is definitely is starting!
My recovery period was about 2 weeks long. No pain (except for the one time I didn't take my drops...) and even that wasn't too bad. More scary than anything. I got my procedure done on a Friday, and went back to work the next Thursday. Soccer was my main sport at the time, and I took a month off due to it's level of contact. Two months later I was up to 20/20.
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