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Default For sale or trade: 9/10 condition Avery M3 95 Control

Hi guys

Here we go: I had the chance to buy an Avery M3 95 Control for a real nice price here, in Portugal, and i intend to sell or trade her.

Hope you can see the photobucket pics (first timer with that tool), there's 6 of them (i can try to get better photos with a better cell camera, and sent them to an email address)

My Avery doesn't have any "control" tag, but you can see from one of the pics that it's totally head-light

It's in a very good condition, I would say 8,5 (at least) 9/10, just a couple of bumper scratches, and some minor paint chips, the grommets are perfect, absolutely no cracks.

The strings look good, can't say the brand (looks like Luxilon Alu Power, this are not my strings, I don't know them well) or gauge, still have some tension (perhaps 23 k's or so), with 2 knots string job

Definitely, needs new grips, and by the way, it's an L3 (or 3/

No cover included (don't have it)

I'm looking for one of this choices:
100,00 € (negotiable, but not by much) plus shipping, by paypal, Europe buyers only, or,

A trade for a similar condition Wilson players racket L2, L3 (my favorite) or L4 grip sized (N,K or Blx 6.1, both 16x18 or 18x20 versions, KPS 8 or an NCode N-Tour 90 (not interested on other Tour 90 versions) or a PS 6.0

I can consider some other players racket from Wilson or other brands, or some classics, but my priority is a good condition Wilson frame

Contact: abaduarte at gmail dot com

Make me an offer I can't refuse

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