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Originally Posted by AndyMurray22 View Post
I am a freshman In highschool and have been playing for 5 years. I have been told by my coaches and high school coach that I am a 4.5-5.0. By the time I am a Senior, Do you think I could be playing at a D1 University?
Short answer; If you're a freshman and even in the 4.5 range you certainly have the potential for D1. Talk (email) a local college coach and set up a trip to a match or practice. You'll get a feel for how they play; their committment and perhaps some feedback on where you might fit in and what you need to do over the next couple of years.

You must find a hs coach or club pro familiar with your game and college tennis to assist you further -- help you put together a 3 to 5 min video with emphasis on match play. This board is great for many things.... but not for finding you a college fit.
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