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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Like I said, it depends on which 5.0 male player we are talking about.
A grounstroker will lose.
A net player with a big serve, not necessarily fast, but well placed wide, with a decent volley would do well.
A pusher 5.0 will lose breadsticks.
Bhupaes, do you have any experience playing a WTA pro? Or even a woman's A/Open player.
Player's I have played practice sets with or just hit with..... PeanutLouie, MarcieLouie, Ceci and Marisa, CeciMartinez, SusanBrown, DanaGilbert, ArleneCohen, IllanaKloss, RosieCasals, BrittDunkerbeck, and several singles players for UCBerkeley.
No, I haven't played with any pro, male or female. But I have played against 5.0 males, and even got a few games. I have also seen WTA players at the Bank of the West event in Stanford, from up close. Based only on these, I think I am safe in saying that 5.0 ain't good enough to beat the likes of Kimiko Date - not even close, IMO.
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